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As a general user with an account, you can create organisations. You can gain permissions to edit organisations, projects and data by an administrator. You can also be added as an editor for a specific organisation, which thus enables you to edit the projects and data for that organisation.


Organisations are used to create, manage and publish collections of datasets. Many of the organisations on Wikiprogress correlate with real-life organisations and share their data.


Projects is a collection of data resources (such as files), together with a description and other information, at a fixed URL or uploaded directly to Wikiprogress.



All data should be in the following formats: xls/xlsx,csv, json, tsv. When adding data, the form will ask you for the "resource type" and make sure you click "Data".


All reports are either in a word doc or PDF format. When adding a report, the form will ask you for the "resource type" and make sure you click "Report."


All websites are added in the HTML format. When adding a website, make sure to classify it as "Website" when choosing the resource type.


Any resource that you want to add that doesn’t fit into report, data, or website is considered “other” and you can email us regarding what you want to add.

Other content


Articles are a way to add more qualitative information about well-being or measurement. Articles can be used to add definitions or relevant information.