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This is a media review on the news items and blog posts related to the ‘Action for Happiness’ movement launched by 3 great progress thinkers, Lord Layard, Geoff Mulgan and Anthony Seldon. Action for Happiness was launched on the 12th of April 2011. See the Community Portal for all recent news items.

In the News

More and more politicians are adopting the infant discipline of happiness economics – but they may face painful questions


A study of the nation’s happiness has identified 10 steps to achieve a life of contentment, warning that Britons have become miserable because they are selfish, unfit, and antisocial.


David Cameron has set great store on the nation’s wellbeing – but a survey shows he has a lot of work to do


People in Britain have a less positive outlook than those in the United States, according to the first study of wellbeing in the UK.


When you quantify happiness, you make it prescriptive, suggesting there is a right and wrong way of being happy


It’s a quest that has taxed the likes of Billy Graham and the Dalai Lama. The answer’s in local politics and narcotics legislation


Action for Happiness, a mass movement to improve people’s wellbeing, claims there are 10 key steps to achieving contentment in life.


Anthony Seldon, headmaster of Wellington College, explains why he helped found Action for Happiness, a campaign to boost the world’s well-being.


Members pledge to replace self-obsessed materialism with caring action groups at work, home and in the community



  • Let the happiness in (The Guardian 12.04.2011) We can all be happier and foster a more caring culture if we make a few positive changes in our lives, according to the Action for Happiness movement


  • The cheerful route to mass happiness (The Financial Times 12.04.2011)
    It is a happy thought to be able to write: “On Tuesday, I will be launching a mass movement called Action for Happiness,” as the esteemed economist Lord Layard did in the Weekend FT.


If you want to be happy, think positive and take a break from your mobile phone — that’s the advice from a new global movement for happiness whose members include the Dalai Lama.




  • Happy evangelists take on the cynics (BBC 12.04.2011)
    “I promise to try and produce more happiness in the world and less misery.” As a statement of intent, the above pledge, made by those joining the new movement Action for Happiness launched today, seems uncontroversial


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