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Success in the global networked economy is based on being among the pioneers. This requires the ability to recognise early the world’s top performers and changing trends which influence innovative activities.


StudioNavarra is a global network of European innovation organisations. Operating via nodes in global innovation activity, StudioNavarra actively identifies new openings for business and research organisations and supports their internationalisation. It connects international experts and the know-how required to promote innovation.


With our partners we embrace and encourage a global perspective on the promotion and development of collaboration and project based activities in Europe and around the world. Diego Navarra (founder and director of the studio) organised the first European workshop on the Use of 3D City Models for Sustainable Urban Governance at the Delft University of Technology in 2011.


For general enquiries contact us at or visit our newly created Ideas page where you can send us your scientific project idea in the area of urban development and climate change and download our first IDEAS working paper. Following our experts review and approval, we will publish it and make it possible for you to engage in science crowdfunding through our web-site.


Workshop is organising a workshop on urban development, governance and climate change.

The workshop call is available from this link any pontentially interested member/contributor can:

  • send a complete CV and note about their organisation to
  • include a paragraph about what your idea for a project or contribution may be in relation to the existing working parties,
  • when possible provide a link to a project which may be of interest to discuss as part of their membership application procedure

For any questions feel free to contact us at

Our Advantage:

  • Global reach and delivery
  • The flexibility to create solutions that work for our clients
  • World-class alliances and partnerships

A methodology and delivery partners that employ the highest levels of security



ICT Management & Consulting

Business ad hoc research

Advice on European Union wide project based collaboration


To access all StudioNavarra publications click here.

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