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This page discusses some of the international initiatives for measuring progress as a starting point for discussion. We encourage you to use your talk pages to discuss.



OECD: Well-Being Framework indicators



OECD well-being indicators are a broad set of indicators which encompass 11 topics the OECD has identified as essential, in the areas of material living conditions and quality of life. Adhering to the recommendations of the Report of the Commission on the Measurement of Economic and Social Progress, the following dimensions and framework have been identified:

In terms of scope, the framework distinguishes between current material living conditions and quality of life, on the one hand, and the conditions required to ensure their sustainability over time, on the other

  • Material living conditions (or economic well-being) determine people’s consumption possibilities and their command over resources. While this is shaped by GDP, the latter also includes activities that do not contribute to people’s well-being (e.g. activities aimed at offsetting some of the regrettable consequences of economic development) while it excludes non-market activities that expand people’s consumption possibilities.
  • Quality of life, defined as the set of non-monetary attributes of individuals, shapes their opportunities and life chances, and has intrinsic value under different cultures and contexts.
  • The sustainability of the socio-economic and natural systems where people live and work is critical for well-being to last over time. Sustainability depends on how current human activities impact on the stocks of different types of capital (natural, economic, human and social).



Read the Compendium here.

Global Project: ‘A framework to measure the progress of societies’read full text version[edit]

There are many initiatives to develop frameworks for progress it is relevant for the society whose progress it purports to measure. We recognise that there are elements of subjectivity in evaluations of progress, and that unanimity is difficult to reach. But the proposed Global Project on Measuring the Progress of Societies framework can provide a common starting point for the various initiatives, as it is broad enough to be adaptable to different cultures and scopes.

The following topics are based on the taxonomy of progress proposed by the Global Project on Measuring the Progress of Societies and up for debate. Please feel free to contribute to this page and help the wikiprogress community to further its study of progress related indicators and the dimensions therein.

Oceans and Seas

Physical and mental health
Knowledge and understanding
Work and Leisure
Material Well-Being
Freedom and Self-Determination
Interpersonal relationships
Development and Poverty
Statistics and Human Well-Being
LIfe Satisfaction
Work-life Balance

National Income
National wealth

Human Rights
Civic Engagement
Security and Crime
Access to Services
Peace and Security

Cultural heritage
Arts and Leisure

Resource extraction and consumption
Renewable energy