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Web COmmunities for Statistics for Social Innovation aims to improve the way people engage with statistics, whether they be officially produced or generated via community-based organisations. Under the mantra ‘Statistics for Everyone’, Web-COSI will be exploring ways to encourage public engagement with statistics and innovative ways to bring the production, promotion, access and engagement with statistics to life so that we can enjoy easier access to data and improve policy ‘beyond GDP’ in all kinds of areas from health, education, transport, combating poverty or making it easier to start your business.


Web-COSI is designed to improve people’s engagement with statistics and aims to:

  • increase trust in collectively generated statistics
  • encourage the use of both official and non-official statistics
  • improve the collection, production and visualisation of data related to societal progress and well-being
  • facilitate access, uploading and use of data produced by grassroots civil society organisations
  • promote the use of a broader range of statistics to inform the development of new indicators

The project plans to improve citizen access and use of ‘beyond GDP’ statistics for measuring well-being by:

  • mapping existing measurement initiatives in Europe and around the world
  • involving communities to foster the use of locally generated grassroots data (bottom up)
  • distilling best practice from civil society initiatives supporting the need for official and non-official statistics in debating policy issues
  • investigating the experiences of social entrepreneurs; highlighting their involvement in measuring well-being and progress to steer socially sustainable and innovative initiatives.


  • Italian National Institute of Statistics (Istat) is the Project Coordinator
  • Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) which hosts Wikiprogress
  • i-genius a world community of social entrepreneurs with members in over 200 countries.It promotes social entrepreneurship, organises events and provides training via its social business school, i-genius Academy.
  • Lunaria, an Italian civil society organisation with a focuses on research and action research, training and communication on issues such as fair economy, the development of third sector, the study of migration flows, of globalisation the trends and the links between democracy and participation and the importance of informal and non formal education through the promotion of international voluntary service activities.

Web-COSI Kick-off meeting presentations

Kick off Meeting took place in Rome on 9 January 2014

This event officially launched the activities of the two-year co-ordination action Web-COSI project (1/2014-12/2015), funded by the European Commission – DG CONNECT within the 7th Framework Programme, coordinated by Istat with the partnership of Wikiprogress (OECD), Lunaria and i-genius. Web-COSI is designed with the general objective to foster the engagement of citizens and society at large in the area of new measures of societal progress and well-being using the opportunities given by Web 2.0 technology and with the specific objective to implement tools for collecting, producing and visualizing information and data towards a better integration of official and non-official statistics. Web-COSI will develop a Wiki of progress statistics involving communities to access data, fostering the use of locally generated grassroots data (bottom-up).

Below are presentation given by participants at the meeting.

”’Work plan and Deliverable’s”’