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The 20th of October 2010 will be the first ever World Statistics Day (WSD), a day created to recognize the achievements the global statistics systems at both national and international levels. The day, which was created by the United Nations Statistics Division, will advocate the work of many statisticians across the world who work within different settings, cultures and domains.The three key words chosen to highlight WSD are Service, Professionalism and Integrity.


United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon stated “Let us make this historic World Statistics Day a success by acknowledging and celebrating the role of statistics in the social and economic development of our societies and by dedicating further efforts and resources to strengthening national statistical capacity”

The OECD is also celebrating World Statistics Day, centering the day around “Better Data for Better Policies”. After Mr. Marcos Bonturi, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Secretary-General, opens the meeting, Statisticians from throughout the OECD will showcase how they use statistics in innovative ways in their day to day work. After the presentations, interactive displays will show some of the innovative methods for using and disseminating statistics.


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Wikiprogress and World Statistics Day

Wikiprogress also celebrated World Statistics Day. If you would like to support us and celebrate with us, please feel free to use the flyer below.

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