Analysis of major practices of citizen consultation

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The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is tasked with producing a set of guidelines and
methodologies for stakeholder inclusion at the EU level (work package 7 of the European
Framework for Measuring Progress).

The guidelines will take account of the impact on citizens, relevant stakeholders and policy
makers that have emerged from the Council of Europe’s methodological guide ‘Concerted
development of social cohesion indicators’.

For this deliverable, the ONS analysed contributions from a questionnaire developed to
identify citizen consultation practices in the development of progress measures within the
EU and beyond.


This report is an output of the e-Frame (European Framework for Measuring Progress) project.

e-Frame is a major international project which aims to provide a European framework for the debate over the measure of well-being and progress. The project involves a broad range of activities including conferences and workshops, as well as research and the development of guidelines. It is led by two major European National Statistical Institutes (NSIs), ISTAT (in Italy) and the CBS (in the Netherlands), and includes amongst the partners two other NSIs (the French INSEE and the UK ONS), the OECD, and several universities and civil society organisations. It is funded by the EU FP7 Work Programme.

The UK Office for National Statistics (ONS) is responsible for delivering a set of guidelines
and methodologies for stakeholder inclusion at the EU level (due in January 2014).

This report summarises ONS findings relating to citizen consultation practices of initiatives
designed to measure progress/well-being/sustainable development. It covers responses to
an ONS questionnaire designed specifically for this work as well as outcomes from a
workshop on ‘methodologies for stakeholder inclusion’, held in June 2013.

The ONS decided at an early stage to include experiences beyond the EU in this
consultation exercise, so that approaches from some of the larger consultations could be
taken into consideration.

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Analysis of major practices of citizen consultation


Sophie Ebid, Office for National Statistics

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