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Istat, as e-Frame coordinator, has been in charge of the communication strategy of the project and thus responsible for setting up and maintaining the ensuing tools. In this report the strategy of communication will be illustrated starting from the rationale symbolised by the logo. Then the description of the brochure, addressed to a wider public for a prompt visibility of the project objectives, will follow as well as the illustration of the website, conceived as an interactive tool to engage users in the on-going activity and to disseminate the project outputs. Apart from the above tools, during the 30 months of the project, many other communication activities have been carried out and this report will list the most relevant ones. Finally, e-Frame project has to release Policy Briefs aimed to provide orientation of the project main outcomes.


This report is an output of the e-Frame (European Framework for Measuring Progress) project.

e-Frame is a major international project which aims to provide a European framework for the debate over the measure of well-being and progress. The project involves a broad range of activities including conferences and workshops, as well as research and the development of guidelines. It is led by two major European National Statistical Institutes (NSIs), ISTAT (in Italy) and the CBS (in the Netherlands), and includes amongst the partners two other NSIs (the French INSEE and the UK ONS), the OECD, and several universities and civil society organisations. It is funded by the EU FP7 Work Programme.

The first and fundamental step of an efficient communication strategy is setting-up the logo which represents the emotional flag of the project. The basic idea for e-Frame project has been to create a logo which is neither merely institutional nor too friendly but which essentially brings to mind the concepts of openness, growth and development which are the core of the project itself.

Secondly, the e-Frame brochure was conceived and released on June 2012 to be widely distributed at the e-Frame Initial Conference. It was designed taking into account the graphic characteristics of the logo and the website. In this way, all the project communication tools show a coherence which makes the communication and dissemination strategy effective.

As third communication tool, the website has been thought as a dynamic and interactive platfrom aimed not only at disseminating and communicating the project activities within a wider dissemination strategy strongly promoted by the European Commission but also at becoming a European area of reference on measuring well-being beyond GDP. In fact, the website has the task to promote networking both among participants and with a targeted audience of stakeholders as well. Moreover, it is assumed to be a liaison area between the project activities and the initiatives carried out, on the same issue, by other international projects, by European National Statistical Institutes, other institutions and, more in general, by the world of public and private research.

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Communication activities


Donatella Fazio, Arianna Carciotto and Tamara Zangla, Istat

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