GPRNet Meeting 9 July 2013

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GPRNet meeting 9 July 2013 11am Paris time

Present: Lazlo Pinter, Dora Almassy, Susan Brutschy, Tani Shaw, Mike Salvaris, Charles Seaford, Angela Hariche and Salema Gulbahar.
Apologies: Beat Huser and Filomena Maggino

Update from different regions

Hungary and Europe (Lazlo Pinter and Dora Almassy)

  • Thematic work on SDGs taking place: Integration of environmental information into UNEC SDGs – with aim to have goals that get integrated into other goals. The White Paper will be launched in July.
  • Governance roles – UNDESA will discuss overall approach but will not have separate governance goals. There will be governance principles, to see how governance issues can be addressed.
  • Hungary Chamber of Commerce is keen to develop a Community Indicator Project in Hungary, similar to Canada – speaking ‘United Way’ in Canada.
  • In process of finalising Europe and Asia Foundation (ASAF) project report for September 2013: that includes 14 country studies (6 in Europe and 8 in Asia), with the objective to understand the types of indicators that actually exist on the on the ground. Exploring how countries can come up with their own SDGs at country level.


Santa Cruz, California, US (Susan Brutschy)

  • Applied Survey Research (APR) is working with 5 communities to update Community Indicators. San Benito County is the first and they are taking the engagement seriously and are taking the community goals very seriously. The data dialogue and its link to action and assets are important.
  • California is moving away from ‘Zero Tolerance’ – ’the suspension and expulsion of young people from schools. Also lots discussion on ‘kindergarten readiness’
  • Q about progress with National Indicator Project (independent set of indicators that community involved in)’? No funding for it, we are waiting and hoping for an announcement.


UK – nef and BRAINPOol (Charles Seaford)

  • BRAINPOol looks at indicators and the range of challenges.. Opportunity to use Beyond GDP Indicators.

Brainpool and a coalition of 11 European think tanks are exploring “How Beyond GDP approach and indicators can help policy makers and Politicians”. Following meetings planned: i) end of October 2013 in Venise, ii) Early December 2013 in London and ii) Final Conference in February- March 2014.

  • In the UK there are a number of NGOs joining forces to a) affect Headline Indicators and b)Develop Indicators for measuring the progress of the economy.


Australia (Mike Silvaris and Tani Shaw)

  • Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) undertook a national consultation ‘Aspirations for our Nation’. Australian National Development Index (ANDI) develops a index of national well-being. ANDI with a number of Australian Universities has a 3 year commitment to undertake a pilot study on research and community engagement.



OECD (Angela)

  • At the ICOSOC Meeting in Geneva. Met with a Group that work on the IDeal Index initiative. Hey developed an initiative with the Assembly of Europe Regions, building on the Index of Friedburg. They used the Happy Planet Index but added an economic indicator.
  • Road to the OECD Wold Forum on Statistics 2015 in Mexico will look different to Delhi. No regional events.


Points to note:

  • CIC will be having their annual meeting 17-18 October 2013 in Chicago with a focus on ‘Policy uses of Indicators’.
  • Bellagio meeting: aiming for a meeting in February 2014. Charles – ‘it should include some politicians and practitioners – people grappling with the problem’. Mike – ‘expecting a strong turnout link between ‘policy and practice – application to policy’.