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Welcome to the Global Progress Research Network (GPRNet) Wikiprogress page! We are aiming with this page to be the central point for a large number of people across the world who are interested in the ideas and the research to support changing the paradigm of progress, from increasing economic production to increasing equitable and environmentally sustainable well-being. We want this above all to be a cross-disciplinary network and a means for exchanging ideas and research that can be put into action. There has been a lot of good work done in these areas and what we are aiming to do is bring together the people and the knowledge in a central point for the free exchange of information and action.


About the GPRNet

The Global Progress Research Network is an international cross-disciplinary network of researchers, teachers, writers and research institutions, representing all major world regions, committed to promote research and debate, and build knowledge, understanding and collaboration, on societal progress, its meaning, measurement and development.

See more details in the GPRNet Concept Note.


Goals of the GPRNet

We think there is a crucial role to support the action in the community, including policy networks, by providing evidence and research that will help change people around the world think about progress and governments measure and implement those ideas. We are working towards striking the balance of achieving progress which incorporates economic strength, environmental sustainability, equity and social well-being.


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The community notice board is a place for the GPRN community to interact. Feel free to post questions and comments here.


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