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Jon Hall is back working at the Australian Bureau of Statistics.  Prior to this, he spent over five years at the OECD, mainly managing The Global Project on Measuring the Progress of Societies, hosted by the OECD Statistics Directorate. He also worked in the OECD’s development directorate on statistical capacity building.  He came to the OECD from the Australian Bureau of Statistics where he spent seven years, mainly leading a ground-breaking project to publish the first set of measures of Australia’s progress, a publication that went on to top the Bulletin magazine’s social category in their ‘Smart 100’ awards.

He has a degree in maths and a master’s degree in statistics from the UK and an executive masters in public service administration from the Australian and New Zealand School of Government. An Australian and British citizen, Jon has also worked for the British public service and for the World Food Program in Zambia.


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