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Mike Salvaris is Professor, Deakin University, Geelong Waterfront Campus in Australia.


He is a Director of the Australian National Development Index Limited (ANDI); a member of the Expert Reference Group for the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ project ‘Measures of Australia’s Progress’; and the Steering Committee for Community Indicators Victoria. He has been a long term participant and adviser in the OECD Global Project ‘Measuring the Progress of Societies’.


Formerly a community lawyer and political adviser, Mike has worked extensively over 30 years in the measurement of progress and wellbeing; democracy, social justice and human rights; community engagement and development; and strategic public policy. His work has included research, writing, broadcasting, teaching, policy and strategic development and community organisation with bodies including: the UN, the government of Vietnam, the Canadian Index of Wellbeing, the Australian Parliament, the Australian Prime Minister’s Department , Australian State and local governments, Australian Trade Unions and Councils of Social Service.


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