Report on the identification of the specific challenges faced when measuring well-being

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After having reminded the major achievements of these last years due to a fruitful collaboration between Eurostat and the EU National Statistical Institutes, this report identifies the main challenges that the European National Statistical Institutes will have to face in the next years, when measuring well-being and sustainability.


This report is an output of the e-Frame (European Framework for Measuring Progress) project.

e-Frame is a major international project which aims to provide a European framework for the debate over the measure of well-being and progress. The project involves a broad range of activities including conferences and workshops, as well as research and the development of guidelines. It is led by two major European National Statistical Institutes (NSIs), ISTAT (in Italy) and the CBS (in the Netherlands), and includes amongst the partners two other NSIs (the French INSEE and the UK ONS), the OECD, and several universities and civil society organisations. It is funded by the EU FP7 Work Programme.

A lot has been achieved since the publication of the Stiglitz report and the communication of the commission on “Beyond GDP” in 2009. Many reliable statistics on well-being, progress and sustainable development, which provide a solid basis for policy-makers, are currently produced by NSIs.

First, the European Statistical System Committee (ESSC) adopted in 2011 the ambitious roadmap proposed by the Sponsorship Group, co-chaired by Eurostat and INSEE (France), on Measuring Progress, Wellbeing and Sustainable Development . The ESS is currently carrying out the 50 specific actions, which were included in its programming cycle (annual and multi annual plans) and report regularly on the actions undertaken. International expert working group prepares these actions.

In this context the most significant results as well as some of the fruitful initiatives led by National Statistical Institutes are presented.

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Specific NSIs’challenges faced when measuring well-being


Claire Plateau, Institut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques – INSEE

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