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From September 9th till September 13th 2013 the Trier-Pisa Summer School on measurement of well-being and social progress was hold at the Universities of Trier and Pisa integrating Eurostat in Luxembourg. Due to the growing importance of GDP and beyond in research, politics and the general public, the demand for economists, social and political scientists, as well as users with a large variety of different backgrounds, with specialist knowledge in this field has increased rapidly during the last few years. One of the main purposes of our dissemination action was to give a broad overview about the topic to interested participants with a special focus on practical applications and official statistics. In addition to that, another main issue was to broaden the network of master students, PhD students, staff members of national statistical institutes with special skills in this research area. To accomplish these two major tasks, a total of seventeen lectures, covering large parts of the main subjects, were given by nineteen experts in the respective fields.


This report is an output of the e-Frame (European Framework for Measuring Progress) project.

e-Frame is a major international project which aims to provide a European framework for the debate over the measure of well-being and progress. The project involves a broad range of activities including conferences and workshops, as well as research and the development of guidelines. It is led by two major European National Statistical Institutes (NSIs), ISTAT (in Italy) and the CBS (in the Netherlands), and includes amongst the partners two other NSIs (the French INSEE and the UK ONS), the OECD, and several universities and civil society organisations. It is funded by the EU FP7 Work Programme.

The Trier-Pisa Summer School can be seen as pioneering event connecting postgraduate students, university researchers, and official statisticians in a Europe-wide school using the important topic GDP and beyond and e-Frame as start-up challenge. The joint summer school of three institutions in three European countries made a substantial contribution to interconnectedness of research facilities in Europe and, as a last consequence, to bring Europe closer together. The chance to test and improve interactive broadcasting with student participation was taken successfully and the use of the utilized facilities can be recommended for future purposes. The latter include EMOS, initiatives regarding life-long learning and further activities were interactive teaching is helpful. The entire event was well received and many participants expressed their pleasure about having been a part of it.

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Trier-Pisa Summer School on measurement of well-being and social progress


Ralf Münnich, University of Trier, Monica Pratesi, University of Pisa and Jan Seger, University of Trier

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