Global AgeWatch Index 2014

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The Global AgeWatch Index 2014 presents a unique snapshot of the situation of older people in 96 countries of the world today. It highlights which countries are doing best for their older populations and how this links with policies towards pensions, health, education, employment and the social environment in which older people live.

The 2014 Index Insight report has a special focus on income security. It looks at how different countries are responding to people’s right to a secure income in later life, particularly by extending pension coverage.


Global AgeWatch monitors how countries and the international community are responding to global population ageing, bringing you updates on the trends and solutions that will unlock the potential of population ageing. With the right measures in place to secure healthcare, regular income and legal protection as we age, there is a “longevity dividend” to be reaped by current and future generations. HelpAge is campaigning for the post-2015 development agenda to incorporate goals, targets and indicators that are responsive to different stages of the life course, and address the challenges that population ageing brings

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