Human Sustainable Development Index

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The Human Sustainable Development Index was founded in 2009 to improve the components and the quality of the Human Development Index, established in 1990 by the United Nations Development Programme. To the three components of the HDI (health-life expectancy; education-mean years of schooling and income-GDP per capita) is added a fourth one: carbon emissions per capita [1]. The addition of this new indicator is for the improvement of the HDI which doesn't integrate sustainability and the costs of the human development in its parameters.

Choosing carbon emissions per capita instead of other environmental indicators follows the logic of simplicity taken by the UNDP with regards to the selection of the indicators.

Behind this initiative is Professor Chuluun Togtokh, irector of Dryland Sustainability Institute ( and a Professor at the National University of Mongolia (

Rankings of the HSDI compared with HDI 2010

Comparison between the Human Development Index and the Human Sustainable Development Index

Major differences between HDI and HSDI 2010

Major differences between HDI and HSDI 2010

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