Israel’s Progress Index

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Israel’s Progress Index

Israel’s Progress Index (“Erech”), is the leading project of the Israeli Society for Sustainable Economics, and marks its development to national economic-environmental-social decision making. The goal of the project is to establish an index for progress and quality of life (QOL), and promote it as a central tool for decision making in Israel.The project cooperates with the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics, The Ministry for Environmental Protection, JDC Israel and other environmental and social NGO’s.

The Index has three layers: Calculating the Index of Sustainable Economic Welfare (ISEW, also known as GPI – Genuine Progress Indicator) for Israel; producing a preliminary report card which shows a variety of indicators (some objective and some subjective indicators for QOL); developing the index further, bottom up, with the assistance of the public, by developing community indicators projects in communities throughout Israel.


The project aims are to explore what progress and QOL means to Israelis, while at the same time bring to the general public the idea that economic growth does not always bring about wealth and welfare to the people. This, hopefully, will challenge the current view that GDP growth should be the most desirable policy target to pursue, and in turn might shake the ground beneath the current Israeli consumer-culture, allowing for different ideas to sprout. The project is committed to the process of defining, measuring and fostering the progress and QOL of the Israeli Society, working closely to achieve these objectives with the Israeli public, government, municipalities and NGO’s. The project is focused both on top-down and bottom-up processes, aiming to offer a better understanding of QOL and progress in Israel, and a valuable tool for policy.


Involvement with the OECD Global Project

Israel’ Progress index is the official correspondent in Israel to the OECD Global Project. Anat Itay, Leader of Israel’s Progress Index project was a speaker at the 3rd OECD World Forum. See Abstract, Paper and Presentation from the Forum.


The Israeli Society for Sustainable Economics

The ISSE is an NGO aiming at advancing sustainable economic thinking in Israel. The society conducts research, and promotes theories and policies of sustainable economics within the Israeli environmental movement, the general public, academia and decision makers.


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