Waikato Regional Council – regional indicators

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The Waikato Regional Council has developed a set of environmental indicators to measure the quality of, and any changes in, the region’s environment.

About the indicators

Ecosystems are a complex web of interactions. Indicators show key changes in the environment so they can be used to gain an understanding of the condition of the environment as a whole.

Waikato Regional Council is developing a set of indicators to measure and report how well the region’s environment is cared for. The indicators are used to:

  • report regularly on the state of the region’s environment
  • measure how well we are doing in achieving environmental goals
  • increase the awareness and understanding of environmental issues
  • prioritise environmental issues and improve decision-making.




  • Air quality
  • Sources of air pollutants


  • Extent of native vegetation
  • Forest fragmentation


  • Coastal water and sediment quality
  • Natural character and biodiversity

Community and Economy

  • Communities and their views
  • Community characteristics
  • Community participation
  • Economy and resource use
  • Sustainability


  • Geyser and sinter springs
  • Visitor numbers to geothermal areas

Fresh water

  • Groundwater
  • Lakes
  • Rivers and Streams
  • Wetlands

Land and Soil

  • Land
  • Soil

Natural Hazards

  • Coastal Hazards
  • Hazards (general)


  • Transportation


  • Hazardous Substances and Contaminated Sites


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