2013 Legatum Prosperity Index

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On October 29, the Legatum Institute published the 2013 Legatum Prosperity Index™, an annual unique and robust assessment of global wealth and wellbeing. The Index benchmarks 142 countries around the world in eight distinct categories: Economy; Education; Entrepreneurship & Opportunity; Governance; Health; Personal Freedom; Safety & Security; and Social Capital.

The Legatum Prosperity Index seeks to answer two fundamental questions: What is prosperity, and how is it achieved? Most people would intuitively agree that “prosperity” is not just about money but also about quality of life. The Index defines prosperity as both wealth and wellbeing, and finds that the most prosperous nations in the world are not necessarily those that have only a high GDP, but are those that also have happy, healthy, and free citizens.

For the first time this year, the Prosperity Index offers five consecutive years of comparable data, which provides interesting insights into long-term trends.

Key findings from the 2013 year Index include:

  • Since 2009 Global prosperity is increasing, and this year for the first time, all sub-indices are higher than they were five years ago.
  • All the sub-regions, except for Northern Europe, are also more prosperous than they were in 2009. The sub-region that has improved the most is Central Asia, followed by sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Despite prosperity increasing across the globe, Europe remains below its peak on the Economy sub-index; not yet fully recovering from the financial crisis and ensuing recession. As a result many European countries have dropped out of the top 20 of the Economy sub-index, including France (22nd), Denmark (23rd), Belgium (25th), Finland (26th), and Ireland (33rd). They have been replaced by rapidly growing Asian economies, including China (7th), ¬Thailand (12th), Taiwan (16th) and South Korea (19th).
  • US drops out of top 20 in the Economy sub-index.
  • Latin America and the Caribbean rise above the world average in the Economy sub-index for the first time in 2013.
  • Bangladesh overtakes India in overall Prosperity.
  • Norway tops the Index for the fifth consecutive year.
  • Botswana is the highest ranking Sub-Saharan country for the fifth consecutive year.

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Infographics – Path To Prosperity


Path To Prosperity Infographic

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The Legatum Institute has also re-launched the Prosperity Index website www.prosperity.com, which now offers 142 country profiles and a wide range of interactive tools allowing users to delve deep into the data and to export customized charts and tables. Visit www.prosperity.com to find out more.

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