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Angela Costrini Hariche is the Head of the Well-being Networks Unit at the OECD and on the steering committee of the Global Progress Research Network. She leads the Wikiprogress, Wikigender and Wikichild sites and networks therein (including Wikiprogress Africa and Latin America and Europe and the Global Progress Research Network. She also dedicates part of her time at the OECD Development Centre researching measuring progress for development as well as gender projects such as the Social Institutions and Gender index.

Prior to joining the OECD, she worked with the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations based Monrovia, Liberia in the field of communications and information technology. From 2000-2005, Angela worked in the public information office of the International Energy Agency.

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  • Angela talks about happiness, the gap between official statistics and people’s perceptions of their living conditions, and the OECD’s efforts to measure subjective wellbeing. This talk was given at the ESDS International 6th Annual Conference held in London in November 2010. For more information on the conference see here.

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