• Redefining Prosperity

    Redefining prosperity: milestones for a public debate (Largely based on translated quotes from Isabelle Cassiers. et alii (2011), Redéfinir la prospérité. Jalons pour un débat public, Ed. de l’Aube, 281p.[1]) What does prosperity express? In common parlance, the word prosperity is ambivalent, which in itself renders the concept interesting to investigate. Current definitions vary between […]

  • Index of Social Health for French Regions (ISH)

    About This indicator has been calculated by Florence Jany-Catrice and Rabih Zotti, Clersé (Univ. Lille1) In line with the works done on theBarometer of Inequalities and Poverty, these authors propose an index of social health. This ISH has been simplified, allowing for easiest interpretations and for comparisons of the different regions. Regular updates of this […]

  • Index of Sustainable Economic Welfare (ISEW)

    What the ISEW is The Index of Sustainable Economic Welfare (ISEW) has been elaborated by Herman Daly and John B. Cobb in 1989. The ISEW was designed to approximate the progress of a nation’s citizen more accurately than what GDP does. Historical context This indicator appeared in a particular historical context. Since the late 1970’s, […]

  • Produit Intérieur Doux (PID)

    The concept does not have a direct translation in English. Approximately the  “soft domestic product” appellation is suggested. Where does the PID come from ?[edit] The PID has been imagined in 1999 by the “Carrefour des Savoirs sur les finances publiques”  , in Quebec. In 1997, during a “Street Parliament”, organized in order to discuss a […]

  • Index of Economic Well-Being

    Index of Economic Well-Being The Index of Economic Well-Being (IEWB) has been created by the Canadian researcher Lars Osberg (Dalhousie University) in 1985. Observing the inaccuracy of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to assess economic well-being, the IEWB suggests a global approach of the different dimensions of the economy, influencing the well-being of a society’s members. […]

  • Bip-40

    What is Bip-40? The Bip 40 (Barometer of Inequalities and Poverty) has been conceived by the French network “Réseau d’alerte sur les inégalités” (Alert Network on Inequalities). This indicator encompasses six major dimensions: health, housing, education, justice, labor and employment, and incomes. Each of them is evaluated by variables collectively chosen, since they express gender, […]

  • Sustainable Society Index

    Summary About the Sustainable Society Foundation The Sustainable Society Foundation is a non-profit organisation established in 2006 with the objective of stimulating and assisting societies in their progress towards sustainability. The SSF is based in The Netherlands and operates globally. Index Summary The objective in 2006 of developing a new index and set of indicators […]

  • Forum pour d’Autres Indicateurs de Richesse

    Tackling the environmental, social and democratic major current crises requires, among others, changing the way “wealth” or “progress” is conceived and measured. To this respect, going beyond traditional economic indicators such as GDP appears to be a growing concern for many actors. But should the definition of new measures of “progress” be the exclusive duty […]

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