• World Public Opinion

    About is an international collaborative project whose aim is to give voice to public opinion around the world on international issues. As the world becomes increasingly integrated, problems have become increasingly global, pointing to a greater need for understanding between nations and for elucidating global norms. With the growth of democracy in the world, […]

  • Child Research Net

    About Child Research Net (CRN) is a non-profit, Internet-based child research institute. CRN’s English site was designed to bring together people concerned about children and to offer a forum for innovative interdisciplinary discussion. Their vast network of professionals, researchers and educators around the world brings articles, reliable data and the latest research in English, mainly […]

  • Child Indicators Research

    About Child Indicators Research Child Indicators Research presents measurements and indicators of children’s well-being and their usage within multiple domains and in diverse cultures. It features measures and data resources, analysis of the data, exploration of theoretical issues, and information about the status of children, as well as the implementation of this information in policy […]

  • Universal Education Foundation

    Background The Universal Education Foundation (UEF) is an advocacy foundation that works in co-creative partnerships towards Learning for Well-being with a spotlight on children and youth. UEF is a foundation registered in the Netherlands and is active in Europe, the Middle-East and the USA. For details about UEF activities please read about the different programs. […]

  • The Ibrahim Index

    The Ibrahim Index Measures the delivery of public goods and services to citizens by government and nonstate actors Uses indicators across four main categories: Safety and Rule of Law; Participation and Human Rights; Sustainable Economic Opportunity; and Human Development as proxies for the quality of the processes and outcomes of governance Is the most comprehensive […]

  • Doing Better for Families

    About All OECD governments want to give parents more choice in their work and family decisions. This book looks at the different ways in which governments support families. It seeks to provide answers to questions such as: Is spending on family benefits going up, and how does it vary by the age of the child? […]

  • Eurofound

    What is Eurofound? Eurofound is a European Union body, one of the first to be established to work in specialised areas of EU policy. Specifically, it was set up by the European Council (Council Regulation (EEC) No. 1365/75 of 26 May 1975 and subsequent amendments), to contribute to the planning and design of better living […]

  • Child well-being

    Spotlight The Good Childhood Report 2014 How do children in the UK feel about their lives? Previously In the Spotlight    Newest Articles & Papers An Evaluation of International Surveys of Children Hidden in Plain Sight Maternal Working Hours and the Well-Being of Adolescent Children The Subjective Well-Being of Malaysian School Children: Grade Level, Gender and […]

  • Australian Institute of Family Studies

    About The Australian Institute of Family Studies (the Institute) is an Australian Government statutory agency in the portfolio of the Prime Minster and Cabinet. It was established in February 1980 under the Australian Family Law Act 1975. The Institute’s role is to conduct research and communicate findings that affect family to policy makers, service providers […]

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