Child Well-being in 2013

Wikichild just wrapped up another exciting year in 2013, and we decided to kick off this year with highlights of the most popular blogs, events, reports and articles in 2013 regarding child well-being – Enjoy!

Top PROG BLOGS about child well-being

“Youth Unemployment and the OECD’s Action Plan”
on youth unemployment in Europe and the OECD Action Plan for Youth, which proposes how to tackle the issue.
“The U.S. versus the rich world in child well-being” is a comparison between the recently published 2013 KIDS COUNT Data Book on America’s child well-being with UNICEF’s 11th Report card on rich countries’ child well-being.
“Schools tackling obesity and malnutrition” Discusses what schools can do to tackle childhood obesity by establishing a healthier diet, increasing activity and educating about food and nutrition.
“Abstinence doesn’t do the trick” discusses the negative impact that adolescent pregnancies can have on the child, the mother and all of society.


Top REPORTS about child well-being in 2013

Global Employment Trends for Youth 2013





Top ARTICLES about child well-being in 2013

Top EVENTS about child well-being in 2013

World Toilet Day 19 November
World Day against Child Labour 6 December 

Also, to see what happened in the NEWS regarding child well-being,
check out the Wikichild MEDIA REVIEW.

 – Melinda George
Wikichild Co-ordinator