City of Eugene Wellbeing Center

The City of Eugene's well-being program includes gathering data using gross national happiness index and spreading awareness about the importance of happiness. In 2013, the city's department of parks and natural resources used the concepts and data for happiness to influence their plans. From the city website: Your happiness level affects everything you do. Happiness influences how we communicate with others, how we accomplish tasks and the quality of our health. Did you know that a full 40% of your ability to be happy is based on intention? The other 60% is either predetermined or beyond your control. But 40% is huge! By focusing on what you can control you have the power to improve your life, your relationships, your work.

There is an overwhelming amount of information on the internet on the subject of happiness. What is presented on this page is a small sample. Information and links will be updated occasionally, new items may be added, so bookmark this site and explore how you can increase your happiness.

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