Third International Conference on Well-Being and Public Policy

Wednesday 5 - Friday 7 September, 2018, Wellington, New Zealand

This third in the series of international conferences on Wellbeing and Public Policy will: (1) critically evaluate the rapidly expanding field of wellbeing research across a range of disciplines; (2) share the work of leading international organisations; and (3) distil ideas and practices which will aid governments in developing a wellbeing approach to public policy.

Conference themes: (1) Wellbeing and inequality; (2) Culture, indigeneity and wellbeing (incorporating Māori wellbeing); (3) Wellbeing, hope and perceptions of the future; (4) Sustainability, capital stocks and wellbeing; (5) Children’s wellbeing; (6) Wellbeing, utilitarianism and the capabilities approach;
(7) Technology and wellbeing; (8) Wellbeing - cause or effect?; and, (9) Wellbeing: policy and practice

Submit a paper abstract: Submission should include author’s full name and affiliation, paper’s title and a short abstract - no longer than 250 words. To submit an abstract please visit the conference website here:

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