Five headline indicators of national success

This report proposes five new headline indicators of national success for the UK. Our aim is to realign policy priorities with those of the public, building a stronger, more balanced economy.

Drawing from the latest international research on indicator design, and consultation with experts and organisations across the UK, we have proposed five headline indicators of national success, including: Good jobs, Wellbeing, Environment, Fairness and Health.

Better headline indicators are essential for better policymaking. By using them to guide policy decisions, rather than assuming economic growth will automatically translate into other benefits, we can build an economy better suited to the needs of the individuals, communities and businesses it serves.

We now call on the ONS to go further, adopting and refining these new headline indicators, and giving them highest priority in their schedule of regular data releases. Implementing the five new headline indicators in this way will usher in a new, more rounded, smarter approach to policy making – one which moves beyond a short-term obsession with narrow economic measures and our current, flawed conception of national success. With this change of approach we can continue to build a modern, dynamic economy that meets the needs and aspirations of the whole country.

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