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The aim of For Progress Namibia is to pioneer New Indicators for Measuring Progress in Namibia and create a discussion platform around what we truly value and what gives our lives quality and meaning. The project is called “Citizen Wellbeing versus GDP: Towards more appropriate measures of Namibia’s success and progress”.

In 2012, the committee (Justine Braby, Angula Angula, Fikameni Matthias, John Mulunga, Newmann Nekwaya, Jess Lavelle) was formed to brainstorm ideas, develop and run a small survey in three suburbs in Windhoek, ranging from high income to low income. Justine used the expertise of Balaton members including Cuathemoc Leon, Laura Musikanski, John de Graaf, and Alan Atkisson to guide and mentor the work of her and her colleagues. They discussed surveys and initiatives such as the GNH in Bhutan, Happiness Alliance (Happy, the Happy Planet Index, GNH in Brazil (youth work), and OECD, among many others, to adapt such examples to the Namibian context.

The work was aimed at being an entry point into measuring wellbeing of Namibia’s citizens for informed development planning and decision-making. Volunteers surveyed, using a questionnaire, door-to-door in households of different income suburbs of the capital city in Windhoek. Domains similar to GNH Bhutan were used – focusing on the following: State of Mind; Health; Time Balance; Community Strength; Education, Recreation and Culture; Area and Environment; Good Governance and Political Freedom; Material Well-being; Work. A multitude of indicators were used to measure the sufficiency of each domain and to then calculate the overall sufficiency (sufficiency meaning whether targeted well-being was reached – above 50% in sufficiency). See more:

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