The Constituency Building Programme

African Monitor works with strategic grassroots partners to strengthen its constituency base among grassroots communities in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Currently, two priority constituencies are being targeted. The first constituency is the faith communities that are being accessed through collaboration with Interfaith Action for Peace in Africa (IFAPA) and AM's existing networks of grassroots organisations.

One of the objectives of African Monitor is to enable additional African voices from grassroots communities to participate in the development agenda in order to inform and development outcomes. African Monitor's partnership with IFAPA has established the African Youth Decade Alliance to advocate for the implementation of the AU's Youth Decade Action Plan. The Youth Decade Action Plan articulates a number of commitments made by African governments to improve economic opportunities for young people and enable their active participation in economic, political and social arenas. The steering committee for this Alliance is made of 9 African Youth networks and organisations from across the continent. The steering committee organisation members have chapters or national focal points in all 5 African Regions of the continent.

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