Tradesto Explains Leverage in Forex Trading

“Leverage” is one of the terms that forex traders hear a lot. Despite hearing it a lot, only a few understand what it really means. Going further, a few forex traders will understand how it works and why they need to know everything about it.

Although it is not a difficult task to understand leverage, not knowing it can put you in a state of confusion. The leading forex broker, Tradesto, says that understanding it will be a way to increase or decrease your profits.

What does Leverage Mean in Forex Trading?

In forex, many-a-times traders will borrow some amount of money for making an investment. In most of the cases, this money gets borrowed from forex brokers. So, the use of the borrowed amount of money for making better investments is what leverage means, explains the leading broker.

Thus, leverage is a form of borrowed capital for undertaking profitable projects or investments. In the forex industry, the leverage offered is high. With borrowed money, many traders can further make money. Therefore, one of the main purposes of leverage is to expand your ability to invest.

Can Leverage Always Increase Your Profits?

As Tradesto explains, leverage can be thought of as a tool. The results of this tool depend on how it has been used by you. Leverage, in a big number of cases, has been able to generate unbelievable profits for forex traders.


However, there are also cases wherein the borrowed capital didn’t work as was thought by the forex trader. Thus, instead of enjoying profits, those traders were dealing with losses.

Leverage may result in losses when an investment is made by a trader but not with good knowledge of that investment. Often, the first time users of leverage do not completely understand its usage. Hoping for only profits, they borrow and invest. Thus, things take an unexpected turn.


Leverage can refer to borrowed capital for generating bigger profits. It is usually borrowed from brokers. It can amplify your profits and losses. Understanding to wisely use it can make your investments right. For more information check Tradesto review.

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