Volumizing hair tips for adding volume to thin fine hair.

Thin hair is something that is highly undesirable. We all wish to have thick voluminous hair but due to certain reasons, our hair becomes thin, while there are some who are born with thin hair. But this should not be a reason for heartbreak as there are many ways to achieve the volume that we all crave for. Here are certain volumizing tips for adding volume to thin fine hair.

getting a multi-layered cut– a multilayer haircut with an uneven or messy fringe is a great way to give the impression of volume to thin fine hair. A deed bonus of the multilayer cut is that it suits virtually almost every type of face and hair.

adding some color– volume can as be added to thin fine hair by adding some color to it. You can either go for the ordinary highlight or the status method as well, where different shades of the same color are used.

using dry shampoo– dry shampoo has come as a lifesaver to those who don’t have time to wash their hair every day. In case you don’t have a dry shampoo you can also use baby powder, which helps in giving volume to the thin hair.

drying hair from below– a hairdryer is also quite helpful in providing volume to thin fine hair. To get the desired volume lower your hair down so that it hangs in front of your face and then direct the hot hair from roots to the tips of the hair. Alternatively, you can even lift the upper part of the hair and then blow dry it in a vertical position.

adjusting the parting of the hair– a center parting is not the best thing to do if you have thin fine hair as the lack of volume can clearly be visible with a center parting. Hence you should avoid a center parting if you have thin fine hair. Instead, there are a variety of options to try such as a side parting, a zigzag parting, a low side parting, or even no parting at all. These parting styles will be of great help in providing volume to the thin fine hair.

avoid smooth combed hairstyles– smooth carefully combed hair looks way too smooth and flat, clearly showcasing the lack of volume in the hair. Instead, go for messy hairstyles such as light waves or messy ponytails and buns that give an impression of volume to the hair.

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