Web-Platform: Social Monitoring and Reporting in Europe

The web portal « Social Monitoring and Reporting in Europe » was created as an integrated source of information on relevant activities in the field of social monitoring and reporting, such as new social reports or monitoring instruments, new issues of existing publication series as well as recent and forthcoming conferences and other events related to social monitoring and reporting. The web portal will be continuously updated and shall provide access to information on the activities itself (e.g. social reports, social indicator systems or composite indices) as well as the institutions behind (e.g. national or supranational organizations, research institutes or governmental institutions). Selected social monitoring and reporting activities will be presented in more detail. The platform will also showcase research results and outcomes from various monitoring and reporting activities on social progress, well-being and quality of life, e.g. pertinent scientific articles or research reports. The website also seeks to enhance and facilitate the cooperation between institutions and researchers engaged in social monitoring and reporting activities across Europe.

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