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Flag of Bulgaria
Population (In Millions) 7.31
Human Development Index 57/187
Gross Domestic Product (In USD Billions - World Bank) 52.59
Global Peace Index 34/162
Happy Planet Index 123/151
Social Institutions and Gender Index /86
Environmental Performance Index 53/132
Child Mortality Rate 10.5
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Main Progress Initiatives

National Strategy for the Environment and Action Plan 2000-2006

Bulgaria's National Strategy for the Environment and Action Plan 2000-2006 was published in 2001 prior to the 2002 Earth Summit of Rio de Janiero. The new National Strategy for Environment (2009-2018) and the Action Plan (2009-2013) are currently in the final stage of being adopted. In 2006, the Inter-departmental Advisory Council for Sustainable Development was established. It is chaired by the Minister of Economy and Energy and is composed of vice-ministers and directors of specialised administrations whose activities relate to Sustainable Development. The major objective of the Council is to coordinate the development of the first NSDS of Bulgaria.

Balkan Agency for Sustainable Development

An organization dedicated to the promotion of knowledge-based economy, sustainable development, civil society and social inclusion throughout the world. Its headquarters are located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

BASD is a part of a wider network of non profit and research organizations, regional agencies, governmental and other institutions in all Balkan and European countries, and in Central Asia and the Middle East.

The global partnership brings up-to-date and accurate information about the EU, its development and grant programs; first-hand information from local authorities, or directly from the European Commission.

Official Statistics

National Statistical Institute of the Republic of Bulgaria

Happiness in Bulgaria

This is an overview of findings on Happiness in Bulgaria.The available findings are presented in the latest ‘Nation Report’ on Bulgaria [1]. This report is ordered by type of happiness questions and within these types by year. This ordering is to facilitate the assessment of progress, comparison over time being most fruitful using the same questions.
The report presents means and standard deviations, both on the original scale range and transformed to a common range 0-10. The means inform about the level of happiness in the country and the standard deviations about inequality of happiness.
Links provide more detail about the precise text of the question, the full distribution of responses and technical details of the survey. The report is continuously updated.

Progress-related events in Bulgaria

Progress Papers and Publications

National Strategy for the Environment and Action Plan 2000-2006

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