Event:2013 Global Forum on Development

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Event:2013 Global Forum on Development
Country France
City Paris
Date 04/04/2013
Summary In light of the new economic world we live in, the 2013 Global Forum on Development (GFD) is designed to promote a better understanding of what the shifting dynamics of poverty mean for the poverty reduction policies to be pursued by governments, international organisations and others in the post-2015 world.warning.pngString representation In light of the new economic world we live <span class="smwwarning">[…]</span> sations and others in the post-2015 world. is too long.
Homepage http://www.oecd.org/site/oecdgfd/


Video Broadcast of 2013 GFD

Watch the Video Broadcast of 2013 GFD, click here.


The global economic landscape has changed, and with it, the understanding of what development and poverty are all about. Economic growth in developing and emerging countries has improved lives of many poor people and led to the emergence of a middle class. Yet, many people who have escaped absolute poverty would still be counted as poor when based on different - relative and country specific – thresholds of poverty. At the same time, income inequalities have been rising in many parts of the world, thus reducing the “pay-off” of economic growth in lowering absolute poverty.

This edition of the 2013 Global Forum on Development (GFD), Innovative Approaches to Poverty Reduction, Social Cohesion and Progress in the post-2015 world, is designed to promote better understanding of the shifting dynamics of poverty and what they mean for the design and implementation of poverty reduction policies by governments, international organisations and others in the post-2015 world. It will offer high-level policy makers, academia, civil society and the private sector a space for debate and exchange on the challenges, opportunities and lessons learned in poverty reduction, focusing in particular on efforts to foster social cohesion, improve well-being and ensure progress at the national and global levels.

Preparing for the Post-2015 World

The 2013 OECD Global Forum on Development will be the first in a series of three annual forums on Preparing for the post-2015 world. Perhaps the most important insight about poverty over the past twenty years is the confirmation that the vision of the UN Millennium Declaration – of creating an environment conducive to the elimination of poverty – is achievable. These global fora, held from 2013 through 2015, will focus on what this will mean, for all those working toward this vision, in the context of the post-2015 world.

Participants and Outcome

The discussions and presentations will be introduced by renowned experts and policy-makers. By raising awareness of the interlinked nature of the numerous challenges of international development and promoting exchange of lessons learned, the forum seeks to contribute to shaping the international development agenda for post-2015.

Agenda and Speakers

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As in previous years, the forum will be jointly organised by the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) and Development Centre; this year, they will be joined by the OECD Statistics Directorate and the Partnership in Statistics for Development in the 21st Century (PARIS21) in co-operation with the European Report on Development, Jeune Afrique and The Africa Report.

Register now and Contribute to the Discussion!

We invite you to visit the OECD GFD website to register and download the agenda. You will also be able to follow our live Blogs and social media campaign, or use the hashtag #oecdgfd to participate in the ongoing dialogue on the themes and questions that this GFD will explore.

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