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Flag of New_Zealand
Population (In Millions) 4.41
Human Development Index 6/187
Gross Domestic Product (In USD Billions - World Bank) 174.45
Global Peace Index 3/162
Happy Planet Index 28/151
Social Institutions and Gender Index /86
Environmental Performance Index 14/132
Child Mortality Rate 5.3
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Progress Initiatives in New Zealand  

Framework by the Treasury

In May 2011, the Treasury launched a paper, “Working Towards Higher Living Standards for New Zealanders”[1] that provides a descriptive framework of the factors that are considered as essential to national well-being. To incorporate a broad range of material and non-material factors, distributional concerns, and dynamic considerations, the Treasury has used a 'capital stocks and flows' approach as the basis for its Framework. The Framework is intended to be used as a complementary input to the policy process, rather than an analytical, prioritisation or decision-making tool in its own right.

Social Indicators for New Zealand

This site provides social indicators for New Zealand society. The indicators are used to measure social outcomes and monitor trends over time, and to make comparisons with other countries.

MARCO indicators

MARCO indicators (monitoring and reporting community outcomes) is a progress initiative in Waikato. The MARCO team compile indicators that measure the quality of, and any changes in, life for the people in Waikato. There are around 75 indicators grouped into 5 key topics. The results are available for the region, and where possible,for the city/district area. The indicators are updated annually and released in a data analysis report.

Waikato Regional Council - regional indicators

Waikato Regional Council is developing a set of indicators to measure and report how well the region's environment is looked after.The indicators are used to: report regularly on the state of the region’s environment, measure how well we are doing in achieving environmental goals, increase the awareness and understanding of environmental issues and prioritise environmental issues and improve decision-making.

Measuring Progress Using a Sustainable Development Approach

Measuring Progress Using a Sustainable Development Approach is an overarching approach which seeks to ensure that New Zealand’s environmental, economic, and social progress is consistent with sustainable development. Read more about Background Information (pdf) and Media Release (pdf).

Quality of Life '07

Quality of Life '07 is a project developed in twelve of New Zealand's cities. It concerns the impact of urbanisation and the effects of this on the wellbeing of residents. Monitoring across cities enables participating councils to develop a consistent set of indicators, identify urban issues and trends, and provide a platform to develop comprehensive responses to these.

The Social Report '07

The Social Report: Indicators of Social Wellbeing in New Zealand, 2007 created by the Ministry of Social Development, New Zealand. The social report has four key aims: to provide and monitor over time measures of wellbeing and quality of life that complement existing economic and environmental indicators, to compare New Zealand with other countries on measures of wellbeing, to provide greater transparency in government and to contribute to better informed public debate, to help identify key issues and areas where we need to take action, which can in turn help with planning and decision making.

Official Statistics

Statistics New Zealand

Video on the importance of Statistics


This video was made in celebration of World Statistics Day 2010

Progress Papers and Publications

Happiness in New Zealand

This is an overview of findings on Happiness in New Zealand. The available findings are presented in the latest ‘Nation Report’ on New Zealand [2]. This report is ordered by type of happiness questions and within these types by year. This ordering is to facilitate the assessment of progress, comparison over time being most fruitful using the same questions.
The report presents means and standard deviations, both on the original scale range and transformed to a common range 0-10. The means inform about the level of happiness in the country and the standard deviations about inequality of happiness.
Links provide more detail about the precise text of the question, the full distribution of responses and technical details of the survey. The report is continuously updated.

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