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Flag of Romania
Population (In Millions) 20.06
Human Development Index 56/187
Gross Domestic Product (In USD Billions - World Bank) 169.40
Global Peace Index 30/162
Happy Planet Index 75/151
Social Institutions and Gender Index /86
Environmental Performance Index 88/132
Child Mortality Rate 10.9
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Sustainable Society Index for Romania

RSSI-Romania-2009 was launched on the 4th of June in Cluj-Napoca during the national conference on “Policies and programmes for a sustainable regional development in Romania”.

Official Statistics

National Institute of Statistics

Progress Papers and Publications

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Happiness in Romania

This is an overview of findings on Happiness in Romania.The available findings are presented in the latest ‘Nation Report’ on Romania [1]. This report is ordered by type of happiness questions and within these types by year. This ordering is to facilitate the assessment of progress, comparison over time being most fruitful using the same questions.
The report presents means and standard deviations, both on the original scale range and transformed to a common range 0-10. The means inform about the level of happiness in the country and the standard deviations about inequality of happiness.
Links provide more detail about the precise text of the question, the full distribution of responses and technical details of the survey. The report is continuously updated.

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