Societal Progress Indicators and Responsibilities for All (SPIRAL)


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Societal progress towards well-being of all (SPIRAL) is an initiative from the Council of Europe that links and promotes well-being, sustainable development through shared responsibility and social cohesion[1]. Towards this goal, various stakeholders have been called to participate (citizens, public personnalities, private partners...)

Implementing this strategy requires:

  • The development of indicators for a better definition and measurement of well-being. Citizen's participation is desired by the Council of Europe
  • Sharing responsibilities to ensure progress towards well-being of all, including future generations
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the societal progress achieved.

An initial methodological framework have been developped following the 2005 publication of the Methodological Guide to the concerted development of social cohesion indicators. Initiatives pertaining to co-responsibility and social cohesion have been carried out abd pilot actions of coresponsibility and strategies and action plans have flourished.

SPIRAL Website

The aims of the SPIRAL website are:

  • To publicise these initiatives and other similar ones carried out in Europe or elsewhere;
  • To facilitate exchanges of practices and methods between the parties involved and networking;
  • To fine-tune the common methodological framework, which should lead to the production of a methodological guide for developing and using indicators of societal progress and well-being in co-operation with citizens/communities.
  • To make available the tools developed so as to facilitate implementation of the method proposed.
  • To develop, on the basis of criteria put forward by citizens at local level, a composite view of well-being for all;
  • To facilitate discussion geared towards the sharing of responsibilities to ensure the well-being of all.

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  1. Societal Progress Indicators and Responsibilities for All (SPIRAL)

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