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Wikigender is a project of the OECD Development Centre that improves the facilities for exchange and information about gender related issues. With the help of various partners, among them the OECD Gender, Institutions and Development Data Base, Wikigender provides evidence about gender equality and statistics to measure the impact on women's empowerment.

Open Access Policy

Wikigender is open to everyone. The site encourages active participation, contributing information or creating new articles. Information is shared by the community, allowing for a discussion on the gender equality issues around the globe. The Wiki platform enables a collective intelligence of experts, governments and citizens that develops and helps us to increase our knowledge in this area. A personal User account can be created Create an account

Wikigender Features

Wikigender has over 1000 articles covering various issues. A special focus is given to counrty pages that include key information about gender equality including topics as social institutions, family code, civil liberties, ownership rights, as well as current reports and research papers, for example Women, Business and the Law 2010 report.

Other articles present gender equality organizations and initiatives and information about Child marriage, Violence against women, Female genital cutting, Gender, Institutions and Development Data Base or Female Nobel Prize Laureates

Wikigender: the community

Community Portal Wikigender

The Community Portal of Wikigender incorporates gender equality issues in the media on a monthly basis. Community Portal Wikigender

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