Welcome  to the Wikiprogress Knowledge Base, a crowd-sourced repository of information and resources from organisations around the world working on issues of progress, well-being and sustainability.

The knowledge base includes

  • A database of national, international and community Organisations working on progress
  • A comprehensive list of the Projects being carried out by these organisations, and all available associated resources (data, reports, and online platforms)

You can also conduct filtered searches within the knowledge base for

  • Data (.xls, .csv, or online data)
  • Reports (.pdf and text documents)

As well as searching by keyword or other filters.


Add content on your Organisation or Project to the Wikiprogress Knowledge Base

The Wikiprogress Knowledge Base is crowd-sourced and we encourage everyone working on a relevant project to contribute. To add your content, you first need to create an account or log in to Wikiprogress.

All resources on the Knowledge Base need to be linked to an Organisation and a Project. If you have not already created an Organisation, you will need to do this first to be able to add your resource. Once you have created an account or logged in, get started by visiting the Organisation database and clicking on the ‘Add New Organisation’ button in the top left corner.

Read our quick guide to adding content, or watch the short video.

Watch a short video tutorial

When users create an account, they are creating their Wikiprogress identity. In the spirit of collaboration, this helps build the Wikiprogress user community and further connects those who are dedicated to fostering social progress. Creating an account gives users specific access to organisation pages that they add to the Knowledgebase, allowing the organisation (or user) to add and edit any content on their organisation pages. Finally, it also helps better manage all content that is contributed to the website and provides an extra layer of security.

Wikiprogress is an open, crowd-sourced website aiming to connect individuals and organisations that are dedicated to fostering social progress. Many of our registered organisations are involved in index development, data collection and communication, and policy analysis/implementation (among others). No matter what their specialty is, all contribute to the work being done in the fields of wellbeing and sustainability.

Projects can range in focus…

  • Climate change
  • Education
  • Health
  • Conflict and violence
  • Employment
  • Inequality
  • Democracy and governance
  • Environment
  • Poverty
  • Economic growth
  • Quality of life
  • Poverty reduction
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Beyond GDP
  • Development
To maintain order of the Knowledgebase, all resources must be linked to a project and all projects must be linked to an organisation. This ensures all projects and respective resources are organised and can be linked back to the organisation responsible.
Users who originally added the organisation, with an exception to the Wikiprogress team, are the only ones who have permission to add new projects and resources to the organisation’s page. This ensures all content added is actually related to the organisation.
However this does not mean you can’t contribute to a registered organisation’s page! If you wish to add content to an organisation that you did not register on Wikiprogress, email info@wikiprogress.org with the project details and attach all resource content you wish to add and the Wikiprogress team will upload them and let you know when they are live.

Make sure you have created an account or have logged in.

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