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To: 16-12-2014


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Youth well-being: measuring what matters!

From 09:00 (GMT) 1 until 16 December 2014 !

We invite you to join the conversations on how the goal of youth well-being can be better incorporated into measurement and policy.


The aim of this discussion is to map out the main issues for youth well-being and to identify organisations and initiatives working in this field. This discussion will provide the foundation for a more in-depth online debate that we will be hosting in early 2015.

Everyone is welcome to join the discussion, and we are especially interested to hear from students and young people from around the world.

There are more youth living in the world today than at any other time in human history. There are now an unprecedented 1.8 billion adolescents and young adults aged between 10 and 24, making up over a quarter of the world population (UN Population Fund). However, young people’s voices are not always heard in measurement and policy debates.

Leading questions

  • What are the most important factors for the well-being of young people? (see related materials)
  • What is the status of youth well-being today?
  • What policies have had the most impact on youth well-being in the past? Provide examples of successful initiatives.
  • How can we ensure that young people’s needs are reflected in the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals agenda?

Related Material

The OECD is one of four partners in a European Commission-funded project called Web Communities for Statistics and Social Innovation (Web-COSI), whose overarching aim is to ensure ‘Statistics for Everyone’. Over two years, Web-COSI will be exploring innovative ways to increase public engagement with the production, promotion, and use of ‘beyond GDP’ statistics and data.


Here is the link to this online discussion page: and the hashtags for Twitter are #Youthand #Wellbeing or you can follow @Wikiprogress.

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