Open Data Day – get involved!

This post is part of the Wikiprogress series on Data and Statistics in the lead up to Open Data Day on 22 February.

Open data is data that can be freely used, re-used and distributed by anyone, only subject to (at the most) the requirement that users attribute the data and that they make their work available to be shared as well.
Hosted and supported by the Open Knowledge Foundation, Open Data Day Hackathon is an annual day where people around the world celebrate open data by hacking, holding forums, analysing data and hosting workshops. Going on since 2010, the event aims at raising awareness for the open data debate by showing support for and encouraging the adoption of open data policies by the world’s local, regional and national governments.

How does it work?

Be it online or in person, if you’re interested in taking part in the activities of the Open Data Day you just have to go to the wiki page, register your event and tag it onto the world map. The organisers are centralising the local initiatives for each city, so people can boost the sharing ideas experience. 

Rules of the game 

Events for the day can be of many kinds, they have only to follow these principles set by the organizers:
  •  Events should happen on the same day  (This year it´ll be happening on the 22nd February)
  • Events should be open, inclusive and welcome diversity (epistemic, geographic, socio-demographic, of language and gender)
  •  Anyone can organise a local event  (the person just has to add its name to the relevant city on the wiki list)
  •  People can hack on anything that involves open data (it could be a local or global app, a visualisation, proposing a standard for common data sets, scraping data from a government website to make it available for others or even creating your own data catalogue of government data)
  • People are invited to share ideas and experiences  (each event should come up with at least one demo, brainstorm, proposal, to share online with the Open Data Day crowd)
  • Virtual party!

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