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Third International Conference on Well-Being and Public Policy

When: Wednesday 5 – Friday 7 September, 2018

Where: Wellington, New Zealand

Hosted by: Victoria University of Wellington, the New Zealand Treasury and the International Journal of Wellbeing

Call for Papers:

Submit your paper abstract before 30 April 2018. Submission should include author’s full name and affiliation, paper’s title and a short abstract – no longer than 250 words. For more info see here: http://www.confer.nz/wellbeingandpublicpolicy2018/papers/

About the conference: 

This third in the series of international conferences on Wellbeing and Public Policy will (1) critically evaluate the rapidly expanding field of wellbeing research across a range of disciplines; (2) share the work of leading international organisations; and (3) distil ideas and practices which will aid governments in developing a wellbeing approach to public policy. For more info, visit the conference website here

Conference themes:

  1. Wellbeing and inequality
  2. Culture, indigeneity and wellbeing (incorporating Māoriwellbeing)
  3. Wellbeing, hope and perceptions of the future
  4. Sustainability, capital stocks and wellbeing
  5. Children’s wellbeing
  6. Wellbeing, utilitarianism and the capabilities approach  
  7. Technology and wellbeing
  8. Wellbeing – cause or effect?
  9. Wellbeing: policy and practice

Timeline (2018):

  1. Monday 30th April: Abstracts due
  2. Monday 21st May: Acceptance notification by email
  3. Monday 25th June: Early bird registration due
  4. Monday 30th July: Full registration due
  5. Wednesday 5th  – 7th September: Day registration

General conference questions?

Email wapp3@confer.co.nz