Web-COSI – About

Web-COSI is the acronym for an EC-funded project called Web COmmunities for Statistics for Social Innovation, running from 1st January 2014 to 31st December 2015.

Web-COSI is designed to improve people’s engagement with statistics beyond GDP. It aims to:

  • increase trust in collectively generated statistics
  • encourage the use of both official and non-official statistics
  • improve the collection, production and visualisation of data related to societal progress and well-being
  • facilitate access, uploading and use of data produced by grassroots civil society organisations
  • promote the use of a broader range of statistics to inform the development of new indicators

The project plans to improve citizen access and use of statistics beyond GDP by:

  • mapping existing measurement initiatives in Europe and around the world
  • involving communities to foster the use of locally generated grassroots data (bottom up)
  • distilling best practice from civil society initiatives supporting the need for official and non-official statistics in debating policy issues
  • investigating the experiences of social entrepreneurs; highlighting their involvement in measuring well-being and progress to steer socially sustainable and innovative initiatives.

The OECD has been one of 4 partners in the Web-COSI project, along with Istat (that Italian National Statistical Office), Lunaria (an Italian NGO), and i-Genius (an international network of social entrepreneurs.

As part of the OECD’s involvement, Wikiprogress delivered a number of outputs as part of Web-COSI which have now been integrated into the new site. These outputs include:

  • A “Wiki of progress statistics” where data related to the measurement of the different dimensions of societal progress can be uploaded, accessed and visualised. This now constitutes the Data section of the Wikiprogress website.
  • An interactive crowd-sourced map of initiatives on well-being and societal progress. This now constitutes the map of Organisations available on the site.
  • A Wikiprogress University initiative encouraging students to develop knowledge and data- sharing on open source platforms
  • Engaging citizens in dialogue about societal progress. This included a variety of outputs and activities, including:

Visit the Web-COSI website to find out more.