Welcome to the New Wikiprogress

On Friday 2nd October 2015, Wikiprogress was re-launched on a new, improved platform. The address www.wikiprogress.org stayed the same, but the site now has a different look with many new functions, making it easier to use and to add new content.

Why change?

Wikiprogress was launched in 2009, with the aim of collecting together the knowledge of the ‘beyond GDP’ community in one place, using the same model (and software) as Wikipedia. With all of your help, over the last six years, Wikiprogress has grown and grown: it currently consists of over 2000 articles, and receives an average of approximately 20,000 visitors per month.

However, as the site has got bigger, it has got more and more difficult for users to find the information they need. It has also become clear that the ‘Wikipedia’-approach is not the most effective way to manage the content shared by the community. While encyclopaedia-style articles work well for explaining terms and definitions related to progress, in fact the bulk of articles on Wikiprogress in recent years describe concrete projects and outputs (initiatives, reports, data, events, etc.) undertaken by organisations in the Wikiprogress community.

It has become clear that Wikiprogress needs to adapt to continue to make the most of your contributions.

What will be different?

First of all, let’s start with what will be the same:

  • The new site will still be a ‘wiki’  in that it will remain an open-source, collaborative endeavour, and the majority of content on the site will be crowdsourced.
  • We are migrating all existing content to the new site, so none of your hard work over the years will be lost. We have only deleted a few articles which seem clearly out of date, or which do not fit in with the scope of the site (e.g. commercial product placement).
  • It will also still be possible to create Wikipedia-style ‘articles’ (although the process of adding or editing pages with be much simpler).
  • It will also still be possible to visit an archived version of the old site for some time (although it will no longer be updated) at this link: http://vs-std-wiki-prod-1/

However, we are re-organising the logic of the site, and are introducing the use of templates for any content related to:

  • Organisations
  • Initiatives (i.e. the different projects undertaken by Organisations)
  • Resources (i.e. the different outputs of the projects)
    •  E.g. Data, Reports, Websites, etc.

The intention is that this will being more consistency to the way information is stored in Wikiprogress, making it easier for users to search/browse for information, and to add content.

One important feature of the new site is that it will be much easier to share and access data files.  This will replace the old Wikiprogress.Stat section of the website. Please note that if you have embedded data from Wikiprogress.Stat in your site, this will no longer be updated. The data portal that we developed in beta and launched last August as part of the Web-COSI project has also been integrated into the site and will no longer exist on a separate platform.

We have already started to migrate some relevant content from the ‘Article’ format to the more easily searchable templates, but this will be an ongoing task over the coming months. We encourage you to visit the new site, explore, and test it out.


The Progblog will be integrated into the new site, in the Blog section (where you are currently reading this post). If you are a subscriber to the blog, you will be able to find all the content here, and you will continue to receive alerts when a new blog is posted.  If you would like to follow future blog posts via the RSS feed, this is the correct link: wikiprogress.org/feed/?alt=rss

Will I need to register again for the new site?

You will not need to register again, but you will have to update your password. When the new site was launched, you should have received an email with an automatically generated password for you to change. If you did not receive this email, please contact info@wikiprogress.org and we will help you to re-register.

We are very excited about this new phase in Wikiprogress’s existence, and we hope you will be too! We are so grateful for all the contributions you have all made to Wikiprogress over the years, and we hope that these changes will make the job of contributing information about your activities to the site much easier!